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Inspire Success, Ignite Innovation



Discover our tailored leadership solutions dedicated to cultivating inspiring leaders, flourishing teams, and exceptionally effective organizations. Explore further to understand our distinctive approach to fostering growth in both professional and personal capacities for leaders, teams, and organizations alike.


We cater to the professional service requirements of government agencies and corporate America, supplying and enhancing personnel as needed. Our team recruits and oversees staff collaboratively, ensuring the fulfillment of our clients' mission and project objectives.

What We Do

Capability Statement

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Who Do We Serve?

We primarily serve organizations seeking support in capacity building and leadership training. Our core clientele values the importance of these services and is committed to making strategic investments in their development

What We Value

At YGC Group, our unwavering dedication to excellence drives us to create innovative,
value-centric, adaptable, and transparent solutions for clients in both the federal
government and private sectors, spanning domestic and international settings.
Renowned for delivering exemplary services, we strive to alleviate the burdens on our
valued clients and partners.

Company Profile

Yvette Gavin Consulting Group (YGC) is a comprehensive management company dedicated to delivering top-tier communication, leadership development training, and human resource acquisition solutions following industry best practices. Our consultancy extends to providing tailored project solutions for all your organization's training and development requirements. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals, including
course developers, editors, writers, project managers, trainers, and technical analysts, all adept at delivering exceptional service. 

What sets YGC apart is our unique working model known as Experts as a Service (EaaS®), a cost-conscious approach benefiting both government and private industry clients. This model allows you to precisely engage the expertise you need, whether it's training instructors, course developers, project managers, course tutors, test proctors, or technical experts, on-demand and precisely when required. Our support empowers you to achieve your targeted goals, offering excellent, high-quality training materials, seasoned training facilitators and project managers, on-time deliverables to reduce costs, and the freedom to stay focused on core competencies.
Our business classification is as a small, disadvantaged business (SDB).  We are certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as an 8(a) Business Development (BD) Program participant and a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB).


Our Clients

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"I worked with YGC to strategize on what were the best efforts and methods for my team to grow, learn, and develop as a group. We were able to develop a plan of action that would allow for open strategic discussions focused on working together efficiently as a group and moving forward on setting strategic plans into development for goals. Most importantly, YGC's sessions were engaging, fun, innovative, and well-received by our group, yielding very successful results.


"During my tenure as a CDC manager and supervisor, I and many of my office mates were fortunate to grow and enhance our productivity from what we learned in Yvette Gavin Consulting courses. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the success of so many and may you continue to reap the rewards from what you have given to others."


Thank you for your exceptional workshop on “Taking Your Career to the Next Level.” I applied the principles and tools learned in your course, along with the knowledge gained from your book, Recalibrate! Navigating the Job Market with Confidence, to my current work situation. I’m happy to announce I accepted a position.

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