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P3 - Personalized Professional Presence

The P3 program is delivered by Yvette Gavin – Award-winning international leadership and personal growth speaker, trainer, coach, and author of Recalibrate: Navigating the Job Market with Confidence.

"Where Executive Presence alone will not elevate your career; the absence of it will impede your growth." Yvette Gavin

Are you making the most of new opportunities, building your professional presence in a way that will help you stand out and achieve visibility, influence, and growth?

In this three-session consulting program, international speaker and leadership and career coach Yvette Gavin, helps you learn the most essential steps to take to enhance your executive presence. She'll share ways to improve your professional presence so you'll stand out from your peers, attract new sponsors and mentors, and succeed in more expansive ways in your career.

Starting a career as a newspaper reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, transitioning into the field of Information technology, and ultimately an executive role, Yvette has learned key executive presence strategies that will help you connect with senior leaders, mentors, sponsors, and ambassadors who can open new doors and new opportunities for you.

Through this 3-session (3-hour) consulting program, Yvette will guide you to learn:

  • Why it is critical to build your executive presence (and what it says to others when you don't)
  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes highly talented professionals make in their careers
  • How to exude confidence under fire, act decisively, and demonstrate emotional intelligence while remaining authentic
  • What NOT to do in your verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Why appearance blunders derail talented up-and-comers and what to do to avoid them
  • How to project vision and increase your influence

Who will benefit from this consulting program? This program is for professionals at all levels who are looking to improve their professional success, make new connections, and/or land new, rewarding roles through leading with executive presence.

Please note: This program is designed to help you improve gravitas, communication, and appearance so you can leverage the power of executive presence and learn how to continue to enhance your influence as your professional experience grows.

The ultimate outcome of joining Yvette in this program? Working with Yvette, you'll enhance your executive presence and learn new steps to build your professional presence to the highest level.

Why are Yvette's coaching programs powerful tools for career change?

Saves time and money – Working with Yvette, you'll avoid costly missteps and mistakes, and create the most effective plan possible to transform your career.

Ongoing support – Yvette offers you top-level support, input, and guidance based on her experience as a corporate executive, her media work and writing about careers, her own experience as a successful career re-inventor, and her knowledge from working with professional women and men from around the globe.

Increased accountability – The dynamic of the coaching partnership encourages accountability – you'll move faster and more effectively by working together in ways that help you stay accountable.

Your network grows – when you become part of Yvette's network (that includes over 50,000 followers as a BOSS Network Influencer) your community expands exponentially as well.

PROGRAM FEE: $875.00 for three, 60-minute consulting sessions (via Yvette's Zoom online platform), including tailored insights and recommendations on executive presence improvements and essential presentation skills.

Note: This is a certificate program. At the completion of your personal one-on-one executive presence program, a certificate of completion will be mailed to you.

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