Stuck or Rut Here’s the Key to Moving Forward

Posted at 7:45 am on 05/24/2017 by Yvette Gavin


   The one word I here over-and-over from my clients is, stuck.  This is not a big surprise because research agencies like Gallup have reported for years that only about 34% of all working people are engaged or happy with their jobs.  So when I hear my clients express emotions of being stuck on their current jobs, I know I can help them become unstuck. 

   But, what about rut?  During a recent lunch with a long-time friend, I heard a different word that describes the feeling of unhappiness and lack of engagement on the job. It wasn’t stuck this time, it was rut.  “Every day feels like Bill Murry’s Groundhog Day; I’m in a rut and need help,” she cried.

   Stuck is the inability to move from a particular position or plan, or inability to change a particular situation. On the other hand, rut is doing the same, old, boring thing for too long.  I see stuck as more about one’s mindset and rut more about the actions taken.  If the rut is deep enough, you could get stuck. Hence the expression:  “stuck in a rut.”

   Eager to help, I asked this question, what would you like to do differently?  “That’s the problem, my friend replied.  I don’t know what I want to do but I know I’m tired of doing what I’m doing?” Does this sound like you or someone you know?  

   In his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell says there are only three types of people when it comes to having direction in life; they are:

1. People Who Don’t Know What They Would Like to Do.  John says these people are often confused and lack a strong sense of purpose. They don’t possess a sense of direction for their lives. They drift. They dabble. They don’t reach their highest potential because they have no idea what to shoot for.

2. People Who Know What They Would Like to Do But Don’t Do it.  These people are usually frustrated because on a daily basis they are dealing with the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Often times it is fear or worry of not being able to meet current responsibilities like providing income for their family. Other times, it’s an unwillingness to pay the price to learn, grow, and move closer to where they want to be.  Regardless of the reason, these type of people miss their potential, too.

3. People Who Know What They Would Like to Do and Do It.  The word used to describe these type of people is fulfilled. These people know themselves, possess a strong sense of passion and are very focused on doing what they are created to do.

The feelings of being stuck or in a rut are often an indicator of a person being in the confused or frustrated stage of personal growth and development.  To move to the fulfilled stage, you must know where you want to go, where you are now, and your commitment level to growing to where you want to be.  The number one tool I use with my clients to get them started on this journey of moving forward is the Vison Plan.  You can download a free version of the tool here :Vision Plan. Details on how to use the tool are in my book, ReCalibrate! Navigating the Job Market with Confidence.  Being stuck or in a rut doesn’t have to be your life.  Living a life fulfilled is obtainable.  Start moving forward today with the  Vision Plan join our Mastermind Group.   

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