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Posted at 2:30 pm on 01/28/2019 by Yvette Gavin
Three Sure Ways to Stay Inspired and Achieve Your Goals

Are the sparks still burning? ✨ If you’re like most people, you started the New Year with renewed hope and the sparks of possibilities burning bright within. It sure was for my friend, Louise when she announced to me that she will lose 35 pounds of body weight and write her first book this year! Great goals, right? Twenty-two days later when following up with Louise, she says to me, “It’s too hard to lose weight with my work schedule.” When I asked how the book was coming along, she said, “The book? Well, I’m still going to do it but waiting to start during my summer vacation.”

Most people give up their new year' resolution by January 12th according to Fox

Why is that? Why aren’t people doing what they say they want to do for themselves? I believe people fail to achieve their goals because they make the mistakes of trying to change behaviors before they change their minds. It is impossible to maintain a steady, consistent behavioral change without first renewing/changing the mind.

“Motivation gets you going — Discipline keeps you going”

Growth produces a mental change. Success is inevitable when we become intentional about personal growth and develop disciplines versus excuses. We're all motivated by the endless possibilities that a new year brings, but it's a new mindset not a new year that will led you to success. If you’ve lost your new year’s spark, it’s not too late for you to get back on track and achieve your goals.

Here are three tips for getting your sparks back:

1. To Thou Self be True. To be true to yourself is to be aware of your own nuisances. For instance, what motivates your best friend may not motivate you. Align your method of motivation with your personality type by developing a daily growth system that is simple and supports your strengths. If you haven’t used a personality profile to study your personality type, try the free online 16 Personalities, or for a more detailed and engaged analysis, contact Yvette Gavin Consulting. We’re helping clients gain clarity by using the DiSC and Color Wheel personality profiles.

2. Learn to Value the Process. You’ve heard it before, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Sustainable change takes time. It is difficult to remain engaged in anything if you do not value and appreciate the process. To do so, make a list of everything you’re going to enjoy about achieving your goal. Don’t settle with one or two things on this list. Dig deep and come up with at least 10 things you’re going to enjoy about achieving this goal. Anything you find as a motivator will help with developing better disciplines.

3. Be Intentional. Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you start on your goals. Set your mind on change by adding time on your calendar to do one thing each day related to your goal. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight and your challenge is that you can’t find the time to work out, then schedule time on your calendar to get up an hour earlier to exercise. Personally, when I’m working on a new goal, I immerse myself into books on the topic and the process of learning more about my goal area helps to shifts my mind in the direction of winning.

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