Yvette Gavin Consulting, consulting firm Atlanta, consulting firm Georgia, Atlanta Coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, relationship counseling, Yvette Gavin Consulting, Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia Yvette Gavin Consulting, consulting firm Atlanta, consulting firm Georgia, Atlanta Coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, relationship counseling,

Atlanta, Georgia Yvette Gavin Consulting, consulting firm Atlanta, consulting firm Georgia, Atlanta Coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, relationship counseling,

Yvette Gavin Consulting is more than a traditional consulting firm; we are also a teaching firm. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with clients throughout the United States and abroad, our core competency is in transformative interpersonal communications and organizational leadership.

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Yvette is passionate about helping others achieve amazing success in their careers, marriages, and personal spiritual growth. With a tired, tested, and proven coaching process, our clients experience accelerated results. From advancing in the market place and obtaining a more meaningful career to a stronger and fulfilling marriage, Yvette can help you achieve your goals.

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Yvette has an infectious spirit and a unique way of connecting with audiences. Hire Yvette for an unforgettable experience that will inspire, inform and engage audiences.

“…Yvette is all the mentor you need … great woman, highly competent, with an infectious spirit.”

Jim Geiger, former CEO and founder of Cbeyond

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Impacting the world through leadership, communication, and marriage training, Yvette has traveled around the world and across the United States delivering customized training that facilitates healing in marriages, improves workplace communication, and equips leaders for personal success.

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By Yvette Gavin

Recalibrate is a roadmap with a wealth of information on how to conduct an effective job search or make the most of the job you have. It holds tools Yvette Gavin has used to advance her personal career and the secrets she has successfully taught her clients on how to achieve their dream salaries and desired jobs. Whether you're looking to move up the corporate ladder, starting a new job search due to a layoff, or entering the workforce for the first time, Recalibrate lays a course for you through the recruiting and hiring landscape and assists you in securing your dream job.

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About Yvette Gavin

Yevette Gavin

Yvette Gavin is a successful technology leader and an ordained minister who has an incredible heart for helping others achieve their dreams. Yvette has creatively merged her spiritual gifts with her natural leadership talents and founded Yvette Gavin Consulting, providing business consulting and personal coaching services. Since 1997, Yvette has coached individuals into higher paying jobs, more rewarding careers, and personal spiritual growth. A dynamic organizational leader, Yvette has helped Fortune 100 companies and small businesses to improve the quality of their deliverables and to build stronger and highly productive teams.

A certified coach, Yvette has successfully coached clients into stronger relationships, higher-paying jobs and more rewarding positions by showing them how to communicate effectively, revamp their resumes, how to search for and identify jobs that aren’t easily found, how to connect with decision-makers, and how to boldly share their experience and value during an interview.

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Rolling Out!

(08/24/2017) Atlanta business development strategist discusses living purposefullyHave you ever found yourself feeling all over the place in your career? Prior to becoming a business owner, I often found myself starting many projects and not finishing them. I had no idea at the time I could hire a professional to help me find my niche.Rolling out had the opportunity to chat with Yvette Gavin, a business development strategist and owner of Yvette Gavin Consulting. We talked about her biggest career challenges and how she helped one client score a six-figure income.Talk about your professional achievements since launching your firm.Since launching my company, Yvette Gavin Consulting LLC where I’m helping others grow their companies and assisting individuals in landing higher paying jobs. One of my client’s increased her income from $70K to over $170K within three months of coaching. After implementing the operational and sales strategies I recommended to a client in 2015, the company’s net profits increased by 68 percent within 12 months! These results make me proud because I’m impacting the lives of others in a life-changing way.What has been your biggest career challenge in your career so far?Being heard in a male-dominant work environment was my biggest challenge. I would share ideas or solutions and not get a response but when my male counterparts repeated or rephrased my idea it was received. I had to learn how to speak boldly while maintaining a professional tone. It was indeed a challenge because initially, I came off as too aggressive for some men in the conference room. Over time, I learned how to get my voice to the table without losing my dignity.What is your No. 1 career goal for 2017 and since we are in the third quarter, how close are you to achieving your goal?2017 has been all about brand awareness for Yvette Gavin Consulting in the private and public sector. We aligned our goals to several forms of measurements to track progress. Where we have made a significant imprint in getting the brand out in the private sector, we’re slightly behind projections in the public sectorIn business, social media is important, which platforms do you engage in the most?My big four are Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Instagram! I love everything about this platform. It’s easy to post a picture, inspirational sayings, and short videos. LinkedIn is where many of my clients’ handout so for that reason I am on LinkedIn a lot as well. We do a LIVE Facebook and Periscope Lunch and Learn every Monday and Thursday at noon and really think Facebook is strong in the live video postings.In your opinion, what is the key to success?For me, the key is faith. Faith in God and faith in myself. Too often people want success but don’t have the faith; i.e., belief system, to carry them forward. There are other keys like confidence, talent, network, but none of that works well without faith.Tell us about the three C’s?The three Cs — collaboration, candor and care — best describe my leadership style. I believe strongly in the power of the team. I sincerely listen and encourage ideas and feedback from the team. I lead my team the way I would want to be led and that is with candor and care.Follow Yvette Gavin on Twitter @Yvettegavin

Four Books to read this Summer for a Better...

(06/19/2017) Summer is the perfect time for a great book. I’ve received a couple of requests this month for a list of books I would recommend for reading, and I thought I would share them with you. For sure, there are several books that have contributed to my personal growth. When it comes to reading for personal development, the Bible has made the biggest impact on my life, but these four have been major contributors of my continued growth. I hope you find time within our long summer days to add an extra read to your list for personal growth and checkout one of these books.  I know you’ll be glad you did!   Leave a comment with the book(s) you have chosen. 1. The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth By John C. Maxwell 2. Never Eat Alone and Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time By Keith Ferrazzi  and Tahl Raz      3. RECALIBRATE! Navigating the Job Market with Confidence   By Yvette Gavin     4. The Magic of Thinking BIG   By David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.    Follow my other social platforms to stay updated!

Stuck or Rut Here’s the Key to Moving Forward

(05/24/2017)  Stuck...    The one word I here over-and-over from my clients is, stuck.  This is not a big surprise because research agencies like Gallup have reported for years that only about 34% of all working people are engaged or happy with their jobs.  So when I hear my clients express emotions of being stuck on their current jobs, I know I can help them become unstuck.     But, what about rut?  During a recent lunch with a long-time friend, I heard a different word that describes the feeling of unhappiness and lack of engagement on the job. It wasn’t stuck this time, it was rut.  “Every day feels like Bill Murry’s Groundhog Day; I’m in a rut and need help,” she cried.    Stuck is the inability to move from a particular position or plan, or inability to change a particular situation. On the other hand, rut is doing the same, old, boring thing for too long.  I see stuck as more about one’s mindset and rut more about the actions taken.  If the rut is deep enough, you could get stuck. Hence the expression:  “stuck in a rut.”    Eager to help, I asked this question, what would you like to do differently?  “That’s the problem, my friend replied.  I don’t know what I want to do but I know I’m tired of doing what I’m doing?” Does this sound like you or someone you know?      In his book, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, John Maxwell says there are only three types of people when it comes to having direction in life; they are: 1. People Who Don’t Know What They Would Like to Do.  John says these people are often confused and lack a strong sense of purpose. They don’t possess a sense of direction for their lives. They drift. They dabble. They don’t reach their highest potential because they have no idea what to shoot for. 2. People Who Know What They Would Like to Do But Don’t Do it.  These people are usually frustrated because on a daily basis they are dealing with the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  Often times it is fear or worry of not being able to meet current responsibilities like providing income for their family. Other times, it’s an unwillingness to pay the price to learn, grow, and move closer to where they want to be.  Regardless of the reason, these type of people miss their potential, too. 3. People Who Know What They Would Like to Do and Do It.  The word used to describe these type of people is fulfilled. These people know themselves, possess a strong sense of passion and are very focused on doing what they are created to do. The feelings of being stuck or in a rut are often an indicator of a person being in the confused or frustrated stage of personal growth and development.  To move to the fulfilled stage, you must know where you want to go, where you are now, and your commitment level to growing to where you want to be.  The number one tool I use with my clients to get them started on this journey of moving forward is the Vison Plan.  You can download a free version of the tool here :Vision Plan. Details on how to use the tool are in my book, ReCalibrate! Navigating the Job Market with Confidence.  Being stuck or in a rut doesn’t have to be your life.  Living a life fulfilled is obtainable.  Start moving forward today with the  Vision Plan join our Mastermind Group.   

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