Yvette Gavin Consulting, consulting firm Atlanta, consulting firm Georgia, Atlanta Coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, relationship counseling, Yvette Gavin Consulting, Conyers, Georgia

Conyers, Georgia Yvette Gavin Consulting, consulting firm Atlanta, consulting firm Georgia, Atlanta Coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, relationship counseling,

Conyers, Georgia Yvette Gavin Consulting, consulting firm Atlanta, consulting firm Georgia, Atlanta Coaching, relationship coaching, career coaching, relationship counseling,

Yvette Gavin Consulting provides leadership and personal growth training, speaking, and coaching services. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with clients throughout the United States and abroad, our core competency is in transformative interpersonal communications and organizational leadership.

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Yvette is passionate about helping others achieve amazing success in their careers, marriages, and personal spiritual growth. With a tired, tested, and proven coaching process, our clients experience accelerated results. From advancing in the market place and obtaining a more meaningful career to a stronger and fulfilling marriage, Yvette can help you achieve your goals.

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Yvette has an infectious spirit and a unique way of connecting with audiences. Hire Yvette for an unforgettable experience that will inspire, inform and engage audiences.

“…Yvette is all the mentor you need … great woman, highly competent, with an infectious spirit.”

Jim Geiger, former CEO and founder of Cbeyond

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Impacting the world through leadership, communication, and marriage training, Yvette has traveled around the world and across the United States delivering customized training that facilitates healing in marriages, improves workplace communication, and equips leaders for personal success.

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By Yvette Gavin

Recalibrate is a roadmap with a wealth of information on how to conduct an effective job search or make the most of the job you have. It holds tools Yvette Gavin has used to advance her personal career and the secrets she has successfully taught her clients on how to achieve their dream salaries and desired jobs. Whether you're looking to move up the corporate ladder, starting a new job search due to a layoff, or entering the workforce for the first time, Recalibrate lays a course for you through the recruiting and hiring landscape and assists you in securing your dream job.

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About Yvette Gavin

Yevette Gavin

Yvette Gavin is a successful technology leader and an ordained minister who has an incredible heart for helping others achieve their dreams. Yvette has creatively merged her spiritual gifts with her natural leadership talents and founded Yvette Gavin Consulting, providing business consulting and personal coaching services. Since 1997, Yvette has coached individuals into higher paying jobs, more rewarding careers, and personal spiritual growth. A dynamic organizational leader, Yvette has helped Fortune 100 companies and small businesses to improve the quality of their deliverables and to build stronger and highly productive teams.

A certified coach, Yvette has successfully coached clients into stronger relationships, higher-paying jobs and more rewarding positions by showing them how to communicate effectively, revamp their resumes, how to search for and identify jobs that aren’t easily found, how to connect with decision-makers, and how to boldly share their experience and value during an interview.

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The Truth Your BOSS is Afraid to Tell You

(06/15/2018) A boss once told me, "Yvette, life is not fair." This was the immediate reply from my boss in 1990 when I expressed my dismay with an average merit increase and another year of being overlooked for directorship. After pleading my case of why I felt my work performance merited more money and a title change, I ended with 'It isn't fair,' and my boss agreed. Her agreement led me to tears. Why? Because I felt I had been mistreated, undervalued, and taken for granted and her comment confirmed it. Even worst, she made no excuse or apology for it. Instead, three weeks later I got a significant merit increase and later a promotion. This victorious win, I wouldn't realize until years later, wasn't a win at all. It's true that I got the money and the new position, but I failed to understand or even ask why I wasn't initially promoted. Honest feedback would have served me better than a "life is not fair."Unfortunately, years later at a different company I found myself in the same position—feeling undervalued and overlooked for advanced opportunities. According to research sponsored by American Express, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Interpublic Group, Marie Claire, Credit Suisse, and Moody's Foundations, leaders are often reluctant to give feedback relating to executive presence (EP) to women and minorities. The truth here is that oftentimes, resources who shine in their specific craft are not promoted into higher position because they lack executive presence and senior leaders are reluctant to tell them the truth. I have coached clients who were told that higher positions were out of their reach because they did not have a college degree only to learn after gaining a degree that higher positions were still out of reach. Without feedback, I realized that I had to make changes if I were to achieve my goals of higher leadership roles, increased income, and a greater level of corporate contribution. Although I wasn't familiar with the term "executive presence" at that time, I began to employ the behaviors of EP. I achieved my career goals in 2007 before completing my college degree when I became the first Black IT Director at Cbeyond! Looking back, I realize my career trajectory changed because I learned how to lead with what is referred to as executive presence. Depending on the corporate culture, a resource may need to have a strong handle on all three components of executive presence to even get a promotion to manager which for many companies is the first level of leadership. Research done by the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) shows that how you look, how you speak and how you act are three critical factors to your success at every step in your career journey. Back in 1990, I had a lot to learn about my own behavior. I was younger and needed to improve how I managed myself emotionally. Crying in the office under stress and disappointment doesn't bode well for one's career. Potential leaders must display the ability to manage and lead themselves before they are capable of managing and leading other people. Trust me on this one: emotionally-led decisions rarely lead to productive actions. According to the CTI research, "Top jobs often elude women and professionals of color because they lack "executive presence" or underestimate its importance. And they're simply not getting the guidance they need to acquire it." I know the truth of this research because I experienced it in my personal life and in my professional life. As an IT Director, I found myself saying to one of my managers who wanted a promotion these words, "you're not ready." The hurt in his eyes gave me flashbacks to my own painful journey of understanding that it takes more than being good at what you do to advance into higher positions. The difference is I was willing to tell the resource the truth of why I wasn't putting him forth for a promotion and then I shared with him specific behaviors he needed to improve. Noteworthily, the CTI findings also unveiled that EP is elusive for men as well as women because it changes depending on the culture you find yourself in (Google is very different from IBM). Even for entrepreneurs, the lack of executive presence could prevent potential investors from sealing the deal. Before completing my college degree, I advanced my career to the executive level by leading with executive presence. I am passionate about teaching others how to elevate their careers and achieve their personal goals. I invite you to join me on June 27 for a FREE webinar on the BrightTALK Women in Business channel for a talk on leading with executive presence. Both Men and Women are Welcome! To register, click here. YVETTE GAVIN is a leader and personal development speaker, trainer and coach with Yvette Gavin Consulting.

Leadership that Blooms

(04/02/2018) Leadership that Blooms"Leaders develop the ability to manage and lead themselves before they're able to manage and lead others."It's spring! Barring the necessary pollen, it's a welcome season for me because this is the time where I begin to re-calibrate; i.e., assess, adjust, and align. As I'm cleaning out the closet of old, worn out, or too small winter clothes and begin to fill my yard with blooming perennials, I go through a mental and emotional process that ultimately yield blooms in my personal and professional life. Here's how I do it:Assess – Evaluate how I'm doing with the goals I set in January. When I identify an area that lacks progress, I first ask: 'Is this something I really want to accomplish?" If the answer is no, then I remove it from my current goal list. When it is something that I do want to achieve, I recommit myself to accomplishing the goal and move to the next step of adjusting.Adjust – This is the step where I plan behavioral changes that will allow me to make progress. Whether I am on track or off with any specific goal, I make adjustments. For instance, spring brings longer days, so even when I'm on track with a goal I often will increase efforts due to the fact that I have a little more daylight. When I'm off, I look for support; i.e., training, a book, or an accountability partner.Align – This is the step where action is required. I strongly believe in dreams but I know they don't turn into reality without action. My alignment step is where I align my mind and body and apply the plan I created during the adjustment step.I am on a mission to help others achieve their personal and professional vision. I hope you'll make the time this spring to assess, adjust and align. To help you in the process, we're offering two webinars, The 15 Laws of Growth and Executive Presence for Women. These April courses will surely have you blossoming this year!

Why Wait for Happiness...

(01/26/2018) Most of us believe in happiness or at least in the theory of its overflowing joy and ever-filling peace in our lives. If we're not experiencing happiness in the present, we like to think that it's waiting on us somewhere in the future. If we could just make it to retirement or into the new year, happiness will meet us there. If we could land a higher paying job, if we had a better boss, if we could drop the weight, or if we were married; happiness would be possible.For too many people, happiness is possible … if only. In one of my recent Career Masterminds a participant said, "I can't be happy when I'm working for a jerk." That statement alone got me thinking about the countless times I've heard others align their level of happiness with current circumstances. Why do we allow our circumstances to determine our happiness as if our lives were a mathematical if/ then equation?It was Anne Frank who said, "We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same." Our definition of happy is most likely to be all different too; nevertheless, I like using the dictionary's description of happy which is---the feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.In his book, Happier, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar said, "We can experience sadness at times and still enjoy overall happiness." Happiness, I believe, is not something experienced in the absence of challenging times but something we experience in spite of difficult times. It's the smile that causes your cheeks to rise when your heart is filled with peace that surpasses understanding or is contrary to your reality. Happiness is that sense of divine adventure that pulsates in your soul, even while working for a jerk or sitting in a square, blue cubicle doing work that' s nowhere near what you desire to be doing. Being a person of faith, I believe that there will always be attempts to steal, kill, and destroy my happiness but I choose to focus on the fact that I can and should live life to its fullness … not waiting for life's "if" to be happy. When you wait on happiness by looking at if and when life changes, you put your life in the hands of others. This, I believe, is a trick to keep you focused on what's wrong in life so that you become blind to what is good in your life. Instead of waiting on if to happen to find happiness, make a decision to live a life of fullness today. Dr. Ben-Shahar says, "you can learn to be happy by opening your heart and mind to happier ideas and you'll feel more fulfilled, more connected …and yes, Happier." Here's a few tips to get you started:1. Passion – Routinely do things you're passionate about2. Quiet Time -Spend time alone with the purpose of listening within. If you're not sure about your passion, this is a great place to start figuring it out3. Gratitude Journey – Keeping a record of what you're thankful and grateful for heals the soul4. Sleep – Getting rest is essential for good mental health5. Personal Growth – Invest in your personal growth by prioritizing time to learn and growthWhat would you add to this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and let's get happier now!

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